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Girl Friday

Jane Green

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 364

Publisher: Penguin (June 11, 2009)


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When Kit and Adam separated after almost fifteen years of marriage, Kit felt like she had lost her lover, her best friend and her identity all in one fell swoop. But now, a year on from the divorce, Kit has found herself again and she loves her life in the idyllic Connecticut town of Highfield. She has the perfect job - working for Robert McClore, the famous novelist - two wonderful children, a good relationship with her ex-husband and time to enjoy yoga with her friends. Then Tracy, Kit's yoga instructor and close friend, introduces her to Steve - attentive, charming, the perfect gentleman - and, for the first time in years, Kit thinks she may have found the right one. But is Steve really as perfect as he seems? And why does it bother Kit when Tracy starts dating Kit's reclusive boss, Robert?

What no one knows is that Tracy is hiding a secret - one that threatens to ruin her new-found happiness with Robert and her friendship with Kit. And now Tracy must decide whether to keep her past hidden from them both for ever or whether she should reveal the truth before it's too late...

Sparkling, poignant and wise, Girl Friday is a captivating tale of friendship, family and marriage as both Kit and Tracy discover that sometimes the people you thought you had lost make their way back into your life again...

N.B. Girl Friday is called Dune Road in the US

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