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Foreign Brides

Elena Lappin

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 224

Publisher: Virago (July 21, 2016)


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Funny, irreverent, dark, and tender - a startling and sexy debut collection. Women (and men) cope with foreign marriages in Elena Lappin's shrewd domestic comedies of the absurd, set in London, New York, and a constellation of European and Israeli cities. Transplanted across oceans and ensconced in strange houses where appliances malfunction and husbands are not what they seem, women like Noa, Vera, and Paula settle into lives of persistently unfamiliar routine, stirred up from time to time with a very crooked stick. In 'Noa and Noah', Noa, an Israeli, has been married for two years before her English improves and she realizes that her British husband, Noah, is not a glamorous young businessman but a dull junior debt collector. In revenge she begins to frequent a nonkosher butcher-and that's just the beginning. Vera, a Russian, married to an unsuccessful British butler, takes to cab driving and extortion in 'Peacock'; Paula, a German, married to her dead best friend's husband, writes stories and snorts cocaine in 'Bad Writing'. With perfect pitch and a poker face, Lappin writes insidiously funny tales about love and survival in an international no-man's-land of marriage.

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